Pinstriped suit, hat, microphone: ladies and gentleman,
here is
Frank Sinatra

SinatraFrank Sinatra (1915-1998), american icon and one of the most famous artists of XX century, was not only a singer, but also actor, entertainer, radio and tv personage, and sometimes even producer, director and anchorman.
He was the first to make fans swoon, scream and faint. He recorded almost 1500 songs, and played roles in approx 60 movies.
He won many awards, among which 3 Oscar, 3 Golden Globes, 10 personal Grammys (e 20 for his albums), an Emmy, a Peabody, e the Kennedy Center Honors Award.

Limited Edition
1915 silver fountain pens
1915 silver rollerballs

Sinatra : the pen

The collection is part of the famous "Icons" series, that pays tribute to cultural giants who reached the top in several fields, such as music, cinema and sport (like the Ali and Bruce Lee pens).

Sinatra pens are made in resin, with silver trims.
(A more precious version, with solid gold trims, has been made in only 24 pieces of fountain pens and rollerballs: 12 + 12).

Stilo Sinatra blu
Sinatra roller arancio
Sinatra roller chiusa
The whole pen, from the cap top to the bottom, is imbued with symbols and details of Frank Sinatra's life and career.
First of all, the fabric of a sharp pinstriped suit, well reproduced on cap and barrel!

pennino SinatraOn the grip section, a musical staff and a G-clef are clearly recognizable.

The 18 Kt gold nib is decorated with a silhouette of a Fedora, also used by Frank Sinatra Enterprises as a logo to identity official products, and that recalls the unique style of that hat, worn and made famous by Sinatra.


Clip Sinatra fascetta SinatraThe clip is carved in the shape of an old microphone, enriched by a blue or orange gem, depending on the version.

The fountain pen comes only with blue accents like Frank Sinatra's eyes (Ol' blue eyes); while the roller comes only with orange details, his favourite color.

scatola Sinatra
All pens are packed in a beautiful wooden case, squared and shaped as the Thirties' look, blue and orange like the colors of the collection.


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