Dall'Isola del Tesoro ai Pirati dei Caraibi: la leggenda continua Pirates
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It is with a sense of both delight and mischief that Montegrappa presents to you the writing instruments commemorating the swashbuckling adventurers who terrorised the Caribbean during the XVI through to the XIX centuries – and who, to this day, provide us with legendary exploits and larger-than-life figures to entertain us in books and films (Johnny Depp's character, Captain Jack Sparrow, and Errol Flynn's Captain Blood).

Pirates is a series of the Cult Collection, honouring individuals and artists of the popular culture.
Made with Charcoal Black celluloid, and a die cast sterling silver or gold barrel and cap.

The Pirates series includes piston filled fountain pens and rollerballs.

Pirates stilografica
Pirates roller

Brimming with intricate details, cap and body bear the legendary "Jolly Roger" sign with grinning skull and bones, also with a corsar's hat, and a sword serves as the pen's pocket clip.
pennino Pirates

The 18 kt gold nib is also decorated with the "Jolly Roger" and is offered in the writing grades of Fine, Medium and Broad.

Festooned with ropes and chains, the Pirates pens also feature guns, swords, tresure maps and doubloons as well as ships in full sail and a sinuous representation of the mermaid Syrena, whose fate was romantically interwoven with the notorious pirate, Blackbeard.

dettaglio fronte Dettaglio lato Dettaglio retro

The number of the Pitares collection recalls the nearly 400 tons of gold treasure that William Kidd (1645-1701), one of the most famous pirates, is believed to have buried in various spots around the globe, from Gardiner's Island in New York to Ile de Sainte-Marie in Madagascar.

Each pen comes in its own "treaure box", finished in red lacquered wood, with black interior and the reproduction of a sterling silver pound on its cover.

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