Inspired by the decorations of La Fenice Theatre in Venice Fenice

Teatro la FeniceHow does one represent the spirit of a location that embodies its name so perfectly, one which has lived three separate lives?
Its name – Italian for "the Phoenix" – is no mere conceit, but one that was chosen bravely to symbolise a saga that encompasses the three conflagrations which have destroyed La Fenice.
On every occasion, the community of Venice has rallied to rebuild the opera house, ensuring that it would be truly on a par with the world's greatest venues.

For the Teatro La Fenice, the legendary opera house of Venice, Montegrappa has fashioned luxurious fountain pens and roller balls framed by the aesthetic details that accent this exquisite hall, to convey the history with which it is imbued.

inside the theatre detail of decorations the central lamp detail of phoenix

Teatro La Fenice - the pen

The Teatro La Fenice Foundation, in collaboration with Montegrappa, is proud to present the first collection of writinr instruments, in Limited Edition, celebrating the 220 years from the first project of the theatre La Fenice in Venice.

Montegrappa has fashioned a pen of celluloid and precious metals, inspired by the chandeliers, the pillars and the exquisite rococo filigrees that decorate every interior surface.
It is opulent, luxurious, ornate – as opera has always demanded.

Teatro La Fenice
stilografica Teatro La fenice
Teatro La Fenice chiusa

particolareBarrel and cap are made in celluloid or entirely of precious metals; and the revered art of enamelling provided certain trims, including the pen's top and the upper section of the barrel.
The barrel detailing was produced with bas-relief technique, which was enhanced further by hand-etching with a burin.

Fenice iniziali Although every pen in the series is inherently rare, with an individual serial number to identify its provenance, Montegrappa has provided the scope for further personalisation. The blind cap can be removed and embellished with the raised monogram of the pen’s owner, which may then be used as a seal for the wax to endorse on'’s stationery.
A small piece of wax, in a colour matching the celluloid, is included in the box of the pen.

18 Kt white gold nib, carefully engraved with the same rococo style as the pen; available in Fine, Medium or Broad.

Limited Edition
1000 silver fountain pens
745 silver roller
24 gold fountain pens
18 gold roller

Piston filling system.

As with all Montegrappa limited editions, the production numbers bear special relevance:
in 1790, the tender was approved,
27 was the number of months required to demolish the previous building,
18 was the number of months required to construct the new building


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