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Chaos and Death, entwined inexorably and eternally Chaos

Sylvester StalloneSylvester Stallone, who's not only actor and director, but also art collector and pen aficionado, in 2010 became a formal partner of Montegrappa.
He worked with Montegrappa artisans to create a new fountain pen which represented the Chaos by his inspiration, going along with his introspective, gloomy and melancholic side.

They started from the idea of chaos as entanglement of streets in a modern metropolis, emerging from the dark, disturbed by the lights of a frenetic dash of vehicles, then added movement with the perennial signs of the struggle between life and death, interpreted by the primordial saurian, reptilian, snakes and lizards, and the skull.

The pen

Cap and body are made in black pearly celluloid, with overlays in sterling silver (or 18 Kt gold in the most precious versions).
The overlays are hand-finished by Montegrappa's skilled craftsmen and feature an antique finish, with details in translucent enamel.
The predominant black and silver contrast with red and yellow, the colors of fire.

Roller Chaos Montegrappa

Chaos chiusa


Deep, scupted reliefs forged the images of Chaos and Death, entwined inexorably and eternally.

Another skull, and a fist, are the ultimate defining detail of the clip, in the form of a sword.

18 Kt gold nib , carefully decored with the same elements.

Particolare pennino
Limited Edition
1000 silver fountain pens
912 silver rollers
100 gold fountain pens
100 gold rollers
10 + 10 gold and gems

scatolaFor the ancient Greeks, Caos is the original void from which everything else emerged. In Genesis, the first volume of the Old Testament, the earliest conditions of the Earth were defined as "without form and void"
The meaning of Chaos itself is a great confusion of things, ideas and feelings. It's the dark side where the idea of death dominates.
Power, energy and emotions trigger a positive system that gives order to matter and illuminates life.

The Chaos collection comes packed in a new box with the same red/yellow entanglement on black background.

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