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Intricated precious filigree on the cap, to represent the human brain Brain Montegrappa

Starting from the study of the human brain, in collaboration with Richard Restak, M.D., Montegrappa created the Brain collection.
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Limited Edition
1012 silver fountain pens
900 silver rollers
50 gold fountain pens
50 gold rollers

Please note the contrast between the pen's most basic structural elements: the top part is rich and elaborate, while the body is simple, because represents the human body, which keeps all its riches in the brain.

The cap is covered by a precious metal overlay, very complicated, which reproduces the complex structure of neurons.
The clip has a spring-loaded mechanism and is integral part of the cap; it represents the spinal cord and its beginning, at the cap flat top, is the reproduction of an ancient illustration of the crosssection of a brain. The clip's tip is enamelled, red in the fountain pen and black in the rollerball.

Brain fountain pen
Brain roller

 Brain detail  Brain nib The nib is engraved with a seahorse, also called hippocampus.
The hippocampus is the major component of human brain: it plays an important role in the consolidation of information from short-term memory to long-term memory and also spatial navigation.

The intricated synapses overlay filigree is made in sterling silver.
The number 1012 of the fountain pens produced is due to the number of neurons in our brain, which are estimated to be approx 10 raised to 12th power.

BoxThe 900 silver rollerballs are justified by the number of neurotransmitter molecules released by a single synaptic vesicle.
Also, 50 fountain pens and 50 rollerballs have been made in solid gold (18 Kt) because the diameter of a synaptic vesicle is 50 nanometers..
The 12 cranial nerves are represented by 12 solid gold fountain pens with diamonds, and the 6 cortical layers by 6 gold rollerballs with diamonds.

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