The first pen of the ICONS series:
Cassius Clay / Muhammed Alì

Cassius Clay / Muhammed Alì

Cassius ClayCassius Clay, the black giant who marked the 20th Century as Muhammad Ali, reached international prominence winning the Gold Medal in the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome.
As a professional boxer, Muhammad Ali shattered stereotypes, his stance and speed serving him in a way not typical of heavyweights. With his good looks and unparalleled gracefulness, allied to quick wit and verbal dexterity - that would inspire rappers a generation later -, Muhammad Ali created a larger-than-life persona outside of it.
As a celebrity boxer with fame that surpassed all who had fought before, he extended his influence beyond the arena (from his stance against the Vietnam War, to his conversion, to his litany of quotes, to his comebacks: Muhammad Ali became a cultural force beyond the confines of sport).

Muhammed Ali: the pen

Ali fountain pen
The pen is realized with an Italian triple density white pearl resin, a state-of-the-art material with unique properties:

  • half the weight of glass of the same thickness;
  • excellent optical clarity and light transmission properties;
  • the ability to withstand temperature extremes at different altitudes,
  • and superb flexural strength for superior resistance to breakage.
  • Equally important, as the writer enjoys physical contact with the pen, the material also proves warm to the touch.scatola

Montegrappa has integrated a number of characteristic details into the pen.
The nib sports the "raised arms" silhouette of the victorious boxer, above the name "Ali", with the collar between nib and barrel formed from black resin. The same icon is reproduced on the box cover.

fustofondelloFinished in white pearlised resin with a black stripe running its length, the barrel bears the colours of his boxing shorts.
The end of the barrel completes the look with two circumferential black stripes, as found at the tops of Ali's socks.

anelloclip The pocket clip, ending with the Montegrappa rolling end-piece, takes the shape of the stitching on Ali's boxing gloves.
The cap top is shaped in the cushion form
of the "World Championship" diamond ring
worn by Ali and his corner team.

Lastly, the cap features the Muhammad Ali's signature, in black, with the legend "The Greatest of All Time" incorporated into the cap top.
stilografica chiusa

Limited Edition
1942 silver fountain pens
1942 silver roller
61 gold fountain pens
56 gold roller
37 gold/diamonds pens

Montegrappa Icons "Tribute to Muhammad Ali" limited edition addresses key elements of Muhammad Ali's life:. 1942 is the year of his birth; he fought 61 fights; he won 56; 37 by knockout.
Guided by these figures, Montegrappa will issue 1942 fountain pens and 1942 roller balls in resin with sterling silver trims, 61 fountain pens with solid gold trims and 56 roller balls with solid gold trims.

Gold and diamonds

oro e diamanti
The exclusive "Knock-Out" edition of the Muhammad Ali collection features solid gold trims and diamonds, set in the cap's end-piece, which reminds the wellknown diamond ring of Muhammad Ali.
Only 37 pieces in total will be produced (fountain pens or rollerballs).

Each solid gold version
will bear a number
corresponding to a specific opponent and fight;

the pen engraved with the fighter’s name,
as well as the date and location of the event.


Please ask for the the complete list of the serial numbers/fights reference.

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