Celebrating 150 years of Unity of Italy Unita

Marlen proudly announce a new special project for honouring the event of 150th anniversary of the Unity of Italy (1861-2011): a collection of pens which reproduces the official symbols of celebrations.

Unity of Italy fountain pen
closed Unity

It's a numbered series (861 pieces) of fountain pen, roller and ballpen, made in turned Italian black resin.

The central band, in sterling silver, depicts the three Italian flags, official symbol of 150th Anniversary, enamelled in green white and red.

Sterling silver clip, like almost all Marlen pens.
Cartridge/converter filling system, F, M, B steel nib.


Numbered collection for the 150th anniversary of Unity of Italy, with steel nib
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Italia Unita 1861 - fountain pen     € 250.00
Italia Unita 1861 - roller   roller  € 225.00
Italia Unita 1861 - ballpen   ball pen  € 225.00
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refills 5888 for roller - 2 pieces box

€ 3.00

refills P900 for ballpoint - 2 pieces box

€ 4.00