ASTROLOGIE Limited Edition

Precious Limited Edition for enquiring constellations Marlen Astrologie

Dedicated to those who look for comfort and advice in the constellations - but also to those who appreciate beautiful and singular objects.

Astrologie Stilografica
Astrologie draws inspiration from thousands year old Ptolemaic astronomical doctrines.
It has been realized in two sizes (smaller Prestige collection, larger DeLuxe collection, in the pictures), using two different metals: the very traditional silver and the very innovative blue titanium that covers the barrel.

Astrologie Stilografica
Astrologie Cappuccio
Its barrel is composed by an internal vermeil body, decorated with astrological symbols, and a rotating cover outside, in blue titanium.
The silver cap is carefully etched with the reproduction of an ancient astrolabe, which also the nib is decored with.
The silver or vermeil clip (in Prestige or Deluxe version) is red laquered at its end.
Personalized 18 Kt gold nib, with Astrolabio design.

Astrologie PianetiAstrologie penninoThe titanium barrel rotates for selecting the day of the week (A); the long opening B visualizes the planets' symbols that correspond to the day hour (C) or night hour (D) in the opposite side of the pen.

On the engraved plate placed in its box, you can see the activities influenced by the identified planet.

Astrologie Stilografica grande oro
Limited Edition
Limited Edition
Prestige version:
888 silver fps
488 silver roller
8 gold fps
Deluxe version:
388 vermeil fps
8 gold fps
Astrologie Stilografica piccola oro
Astrologie Stilografica piccola argento

Astrolgie pens are available as Prestige model (mm.142 closed, diameter mm.16), with titanium body and silver cap and clip - or gold cap for the very Limited version (only 8 pieces worldwide!)
And also in DeLuxe model (mm.158 closed, diameter mm.18) with titanium body and silver cap with vermeil clip - or gold cap for the very Limited version (only 8 pieces worldwide!)

Piston filling system, with protective blind cap.

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Astrologie - Prestige fountain pen - silver trim    2580 € 2150.00
Astrologie - Prestige roller - silver trim   roller 2161 € 1800.00
Astrologie - DeLuxe fountain pen - silver and vermeil trim    3867 € 3250.00
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Ivory paper cm 21x30 - sealing wax package 10 +10
€ 14.00

refills 5888 for roller - 2 pieces box

€ 3.00
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