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Giardino Italiano

Visconti Watermark Demo APP

Visconti Watermark Demo

Absolute transparency and sterling silver


Sale Love Chiantishire Giardino dell'Eden

Clearance sale - last pieces in stock

Love fountain pen, hand painted by Alessandro Salami

Chiantishire, the new Homo Sapiens Demo by Visconti

Visconti Giardino dell'Eden, solely in Giardino Italiano

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Prima Ippocrate Papa Francesco Amatori Milano Murano

Napkin Prima writes with no ink or refills - Forever series

Marlen Aleph, with its sheped nib in armonic steel

Aurora Papa Francesco also as regular edition

Amatori Milano by Renzetti - lacquer and Guilloché rhodium

Montegrappa Fortuna Tricolore, colors of Italian Flag