Hand-painted Chinese porcelain and black lacquer penne in porcellana

Porcelain is a ceramic material
made by heating raw materials,
generally including clay
in the form of kaolin,
in a kiln to temperatures
between 1,200 and 1,400 °C.

Porcelain originated in China, probably during the Tang Dynasty (618 - 907 A.C.).
In Europe, the first notice of porcelain came through Marco Polo writings in the XIII century, and only in the XVIII century the first factory was founded in Germany.

Duke porcelain pens join the luxury material, very white, very thin, delicate, with the decoration mastery of Chinese artisans, and the rich symbology that is always used in Chinese decoration.

Melodia d'Autunno
Three pens, of regular size, available as fountain pen or roller, with hand painted porcelain body, matt, and polished black lacquer.

stilografica Lotus
Roller Bambu
Finishing in chromed brass.
At the cap top, a red natural gem is set, cabochon cut.
Being all hand-painted, each pen is unique and may be slightly different from those pictured here.

Particolari Lotus

Lotus model

Lotus is a water flower, similar to water lily, that in Chinese tradition symbolizes a person who is different from most of people; which doesn't care of common things such as power, money, reputation, but maybe has exeptional knowlodge and culture.
Most of Chinese poets wrote many poems to celebrate this personality of lotus.

Melodia d'Autunno

Autumn Melody model

A nicely colored nightingale is gently seated on a branch, singing in a fall environment.

Main colors are red-orange-brown of flowers below, and grey-black of the wood.

Dettaglio Bambu

Bamboo model

Bamboo is a typical Asian plant, not growing in Europe, used in many applications - including pens - and is one of the quickest growing plants in the world.
In China it's considered a symbol of long life.

The main color od thos decoration is black, shaded in many grey tones for suggesting the gentle roundness of reeds.

penninoScatolaThe fountain pen mounts a 14 Kt gold nib, Medium tip, and the practical cartridge/converter flilling system.

Pens come in a beautiful polished black lacquered wood box, lined with white velvet.

For cleaning the porcelain barrel, you can:
- scrub with a soft eraser for pencils, for removing th greyish of dust;
- or wash with water and mild soap;
- or clean with a cotton ball and alcohol.

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Lotus - hand-painted porcelain fountain pen    Sold out
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Autumn Melody - hand-painted porcelain roller - Special Offer    Sold out
Lotus - hand-painted porcelain roller - Special Offer    Sold out
Bamboo - hand-painted porcelain roller    Sold out
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Laminated blotting papers - cm.6x11 -
€ 3.30

Ink cartridges - 6 pcs box

€ 1.20
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