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The true oriental appeal, with Chinese lacquer and Cloisonné techinque Guibao
Limited Edition
2008 fountain pens

Here is the ancient China, that bewitched Marco Polo with its high level of civilization, its refinement of decoration and preciousness of craftsmanship even in current-use objects, with gold, colored lacquer and gems.

This fountain pen will bewitch you too; first of all, with its oriental appeal, exuding from every all smallest details.
It's an impressive pen, for dimensions and weight, made in deep blue lacquered brass, polished and completely - and profusely - decored with the Chinese Cloisonné techique (Jingtailan).

Guibao closed
Guibao open
Cap and barred are covered in genuine Chinese lacquer, with rose gold plated trims.

ring detail

Two golden fire-breathing dragons embellish the cap, playing with a pearl (hidden by the clip).
Dragons are a combination of several animals, among which goat, fish, horse, snake, and deer, that in traditional culture represents the tribes which Chinese people came from.

The cap's central ring is decorated with the 4 mistic animals, which represents the cardinal points and manage a piece of the word each: dragon, feniz, tiger and turtle.
They're stylized and added to ideograms; engraved in metal and filled with blue lacquer.

barrel decoration
cap top

The barrel instead is decorated with five Chinese masks of Beijing theatre, still using the Cloisonné technique, surrounded by stylized clouds; all gold outlines and colored lacquers on blue background.
The color of the masks is related to the characters' personality: the red mask expresses courage and fairness; the black one decision and bravery; the blue one expresses a calculating nature and the white one a treacherous character.

The pagoda roof at the cap top refers to the Qinian Hall (Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests) of the Temple of Heavenin Beijing - and is enriched by a natural red coral.

The clip, sinuous and elastic, despite its thickness, is engraved with dragon scales like Ru Yi, the Chinese ceremonial scepter which means "what you want", and with Duke logo.

The 14 Kt yellow gold nib is quite special: edges are sinuously wavy, and the surface is engraved with decorating whirls,
One nib only, Medium tip.

Filling system is cartridge/converter box


Length of the pen
closed: mm. 160
open: mm. 134
Diameter max: mm. 17
Weight: gr. 76

The sumptuous packaging will amaze you: a red outer box, lined with golden damask silk, holds a beautiful oval wood box, black lacquered with golden ideograms above and the Chinese masks all around.


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