Stunning technique of glass painting, from inside Cristallo - fata

The Duke's hand painted crystal pens stand out for their very special processing technique, finicking and precise.

In fact, the barrel is a shell of pure crystal, hand-painted from inside!
It's a decorative tecnique, originated in China, where it's still wellknown and very estimeed, due to the hight difficulty of work and the skill of artists.

Fata penna chiusa
Tigre stilografica
We're proposing two models: Fairy and Tiger.

The Fairy, which stands out with golden glare over a very deep background, is dancing spreading flowers around.
It's a delicate and gracious painting, although the deep colors.

particolari fataparticolari Tigre

The Tiger, symbol of power and decision, according with Chines tradition, keeps away ghosts, fire and thieve.
According with Chinese Zodiac, who's born under the Tiger has strong personality, independence and leadership.
This tiger unravels all around the crystal cylinder, from jaws to tail, with bright colors - orange, black, blue - over a pearly white-silver background.

The cap is made in black-blue marbled celluloid, wrapped aroung the brass structure.

The 14 Kt gold nib is only Medium tipped, and the filling system is cartridge/converter

The clip is decorated with a blue natural zapphire, cabochon cut, while at the cap top a small coral ball is set in chromed crown. scatola fata

Scatola TigreThese crystal pens come in black polished lacquered wood boxes, decorated outside with matching designs.

Being hand-painted, each piece is unique, all different each other, and may be slightly different from those pictured in this page.

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Laminated blotting papers - cm.6x11 -
€ 3.30

Ink cartridges - 6 pcs box

€ 1.20
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