Traditional Chinese symbols and amazing nib Confucius

ConfucioConfucius (Kong Fuzi) was a Chinese philosopher who lived in the V century B.C., and his thoughts have been developed into a system of philosophy known as Confucianism, which deeply influenced the Chinese, Corean and Japanese values and lifestyle.

His philosophy emphasized personal and governmental morality, correctness of social relationships, familial and hierarchical loyalty, justice and sincerity.

The fountain pen

Outstanding features for a very calligraphic writing - ideal to write ideograms.
The pen is quite large size, with a black lacquered cap and genuine bamboo barrel, turned and polished, with beautiful natural shades and rhodiated trims.

Confucius closed
open Confucius
Bamboo, by Chinese tradition, is a long life symbol, light but resistant. The Confucius pen is made with the "JinSi zhu" quality, thin and with gold highlights, that was directly worked within the Duke factory in China:

bambu interi   Bambu tagliati   Bambu scavati   lavorazione
Raw bamboo reeds


- cut to measure...


- dug and turned...   A manufacturing step in the Duke laboratory in China

The nib


PenninoIt's definitely the most surprising feature of this pen.

Normal fountain pens' users (specially Westerners) will gape when screw off the cap: but it's a new patented Chinese model of nib which let you write ideograms, instead of brush. The Stub tip goes up for some millimeters, angled at 30° approx.

The nib is made of steel, engraved with ideograms, opened above at sides of two little wings.

Filling system is cartridge/converter.

cappuccioThe cap is made in genuine black Chinese lacquer, decorated with a traditional portrait of Confucius at one side of the clip, and with a line of ideograms on the other side.
The geometric design, repeated on grip and clip is a stylized design of the Great Wall.
All decorations are made with the Cloisonnè techinque.

The black wood box, painted with the same Confucius design on the cover, includes a black ink bottle.

Confucius is also available with a "normal" steel nib, instead of the calligraphic bent one.

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