Dai colori della Costiera Amalfitana una collezione in resina e legno Magnifica Amalfi


Founded in the IV century b.C., it was one of the Maritime Republics and an important trading power in the Tirrenian Sea.

Houses are close together and cling to the steep slopes, connected by a maze of alleys and stairs.
The Costiera Amalfitana is like a balcony suspended between the cobalt blue sea and the slopes of the mountains, in a succession of promontories and valleys among coves, beaches and terraces planted with citrus, vines and olive trees... in a single word, AMAZING (in Italian: Magnifica).

Magnifica Amalfi

The Magnifica Amalfi pens recall the fusion between sea and earth, combining colours such as deep blue, light blue, and wood.
Made with special resin, hand turned by a solid bar, in a cobalt blue with stone effect, bright blue and a red detail. The barrel is made with refined olive wood from Amalfi coast.

stilografica Magnifica Amalfi
penna a sfera Magnifica Amalfi

Fusion nib, made by a "plate" of gold over steel, which enhances the chemical-physical properties of ink, making it flow more smoothly, and improving performances.
Otherwise, it's also available with the Delta's classic 14 kt gold nib.

All details are symbolic and special:
The clip is engraved with the Amalfi Cross, the mark of the Maritime Republic;
the cap's central band is decorated with the words Magnifica Amalfi, made by the goldsmiths' technique "lost wax";
the same technique was used for the barrel's ring, engraved with the stata usata per l'anellino del fusto, decorato con la Mural Crown, a recognition due to the status of city: a crown modeled after walls and towers, put over coat of arms.

clip fascetta centrale fascetta fusto

The medal under the bottom, obtained by stamping, reproduces the compass of Flavio Gioia, a legendary mariner - never existed in real history - which has a statue in Amalfi as inventor of the compass.
Putting out the bottom, you can work on the filling system (converter plus, integrated in the pen) using the converter without opening the pen;
Atthe cap top, the metal disc reproduces the Amalfi's coat of arms.

fondello fondello cap top

All trims are made with a special alloy and 18 kt gold plated.
The olive wood used for the pen's barrel comes from the trees of Amalfi Coast, protected and guaranteed, matured for many years.

ulòivoThe package includes a Delta ink bottle, with personalized label.

magnifica Amalfi

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