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All the Ocean's colors, honouring the Hawaiian People Kanaka Maoli

KanakaKanaka-Maoli People

Edizione Limitata
1898 stilografiche rodiate
1898 penne a sfera
898 stilografiche dorate
100 Celebration vermeil

Kanaka Maoli means "True People" in native Hawaiian people's language.
Of Polynesian origin, they emigrated from Tahiti to Hawaii more than 1000 years ago; warriors and fishermen, in spiritual harmony where all is linked with nature, respecting Mother Earth, Father Ocean and all the mankind.
Everything follows the harmonious movement of the ocean waves, the Hula dance accompanied with traditional music, the gestures of martial arts and the ancient art of the Lomi massages.

Di ceppo polinesiano, migrarono da Tahiti alle Hawai più di 1000 anni fa; popolo di guerrieri e pescatori, in armonia spirituale dove tutto è legato alla natura e in funzione del rispetto per la madre Terra, il padre Oceano, ed il resto dell’umanità.
Tutto segue l’armonioso movimento delle onde dell’oceano, della danza Hula accompagnata dalle musiche tradizionali, delle gesta delle arti marziali, dell’antica arte dei massaggi Lomi.
In 1898 the Hawaii islands were annexed by the United States of America.

The pen

Cap and body are turned by hand from solid bars of a new and special luxury resin created to include the most widespread colors of this splendid archipelago, with an outstanding richness of shades and transparencies.

The 1K fountain pen and the ballpen (easily convertible in capless roller, just exchanging refill) feature the metal trims in a special bronze alloy, Rhodium plated.
Cartridge/converter filling system.

Kanaka 1K
kanaka ballpen

The 1KS fountain pen features the metal trims in a special bronze alloy, 24 Kt gold plated.
Lateral lever filling system.
Kanaka 1KS

At the cap top, an engraved medal is offered, portraying the famous icon of these marvelous islands, the turtle.
Also placed in the cap, there is a decorated ring, portraying the well known Hawaiian flowers; and a clip depicting an old Kanaka warrior’s mask.

Top Clip bottom

Indigenous People

Nativi Americani,

Kanaka Maoli

Delta Kanaka nibThe bottom of the pen body - and the ballpen's grip - are made in metal and reproduce the Hawaiian Tribal drums.
All these characterizing elements are created using the traditional handcraft technique known as lost-wax casting process.

The nib, in 18 Kt solid gold, is specially designed, customized and flexible.
It is decorated with a stylized representation of a traditional, shark tooth weapon of Kanaka People.

A Celebration version, in vermeil (sterling silver, gold plated 24 Kt) rose gold plated, has been made in only 100 pieces; it's different from the 1KS not only for the preciousness of trims, but also for a natural acquamarine gem at the cap top.

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