ISRAEL 60 Limited Edition

60° Anniversary from Israel foundation Delta Israel 60

Due to the great success of the Israel50 collection, introduced ten years ago to celebrate Israel's Jubilee, Delta is now creating the Israel60 collection to celebrate Israel's 60th anniversary, in blue and black resin, hand turned from solid bars.

Israel 60 Stilografica argento
3 versions made: 1K with sterling silver trims, in 1948 pieces; 1KS with vermeil trims, in 948 pieces;
and Celebration, with solid gold trims, in only 60 pieces.

The central ring, in solid sterling silver (or vermeil, or gold, depending of the version) is engraved with the Menorah, a seven-branched candelabrum lit by olive oil in the temple of Jerusalem (official symbol of the state of Israel), together with two branches of olive tree, symbol of peace and friendship between peoples.
Also a matching caples roller is available (convertible in ballpen)

Israel 60 Roller

L'inserimento del cappuccio al fusto
è a vite con passo speciale a tre principi.
Per ottenere sempre
l’esatta corrispondenza levetta/clip
il fusto va inserito con la levetta laterale
perfettamente in linea alla clip
per poi avvitare in senso orario.

nibThe clip is made of solid sterling silver (or vermeil, or gold)) and reproduces the Yad, the Jewish ritual pointer, used to point to the text during the Torah reading, in order to prevent anyone from touching the sacred parchment.

The 18 karat solid gold nib is engraved with the star of David. Is available in EEF, EF, F, M, B, BB, OM, OB, OBB and STUB grades.

Israel 60 Stilografica oro
The 1KS version (as well as the Celebration) offers the famous Delta's side lever loading system considered the most traditional ink loading system, conceived in 1908 and still dear to pen collectors and lovers, giving the fountain pen a distinctive charm.

Limited Edition
1948 fountain pens 1K
948 fountain pens1KS
60 fp Celebration

Israel 60 CapAll pens feature in the top of the cap a medal decorated with the Samech, the fifteen letter of Hebrew alphabet, which represents the number 60.

The gorgeous Celebration version, limited to only 60 magnificent pieces, same as the number of years of the State of Israel, offers clip, ring and details in 18 kt gold.
The 2 spheres in the clip are covered with numerous small diamonds.

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Israel 60 - fountain pen with silver trim    Sold out
Israel 60 - fountain pen with vermeil trim    Sold out
Israel 60 Celebration - fountain pen with gold trim    Sold out
Israel 60 - convertible roller   roller Sold out
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