GARIBALDI Limited Edition

One of the biggest names of Italian history depicted in a precious Limited Edition Delta Garibaldi

Giuseppe GaribaldiGiuseppe Garibaldi (1807 - 1882)

Giuseppe Garibaldi (1807 - 1882) lived a life rich of exceptional enterprises completed in America (Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina) and Europe (Italy, France), like a novel of adventures. The ability against stronger adversaries elevated him to the heroes of the epic poems, inspiring the fantasy of narrators, attracting admiration and sympathy, and the appellative of "hero of the two Worlds".

Limited Edition
Limited Edition
807 fountain pens 1KS
1807 fountain pens 1K
1807 roller

The pens

The Giuseppe Garibaldi Limited Edition collection is turned by hand form solid bars of red resin; in the extremity of the cap is placed a coined silver medal that portrays the stylized profile of the hero of two worlds.

The special 1KS version counts 807 fountain pens in sterling silver, crafty engraved, enamelled and laquered.
Garibaldi Special fountain pen

Garibaldi paintingEvery single pen is hand-painted by brush by experienced artists, with thin layers of enamel over the engraved silver bottom, recalling the hues and the chromatic characteristic of the oil techniques of academic tradition of the late 800's.
A final and valuable transparent enamel layer wraps and protects the miniature.
As the execution technique is ancient, the materials employed in the decorations are current thus totally non-toxic and anti-allergic therefore within current law and regulations.
Piston filling system, 18 Kt gold nib, EF, F, M, B, BB, personalized with the decor shown in the Garibaldi's cap.

Garibaldi fountain pen 1K
Garibaldi Roller
Garibaldi detailThe 1K version fountain pen, and the convertible roller (1807 pieces), are in red resin with a large solid sterling silver band, hand etched, which portrays Giuseppe Garibaldi in epic battle scenes, using jolt technique of engraving.
The solid sterling silver clip symbolizes, in a stylized way, the fusion in a single body, of the various models of swords used by Garibaldi.

Cartridge/converter filling system.


Every pen is packaged in a richly designed, dedicated box, which features a numbered and authenticated copy of the original telegram "I obey", which is kept in the State Central Archives in Rome.
As agreed with the Archives administration, Delta has the exclusive rights worldwide in the usage of authentic copies of historical documents and signatures of those men who have rendered Italy a remarkable nation.

Garibaldi TelegramThe shipping #1073 sent to Giuseppe Garibaldi recited:
"Political Considerations urgently demand the conclusion of the Armistice, for which it is demanded that all our forces are withdrawn from the Tirolo. By order of the King, it is decided therefore that by 4 pm of August 11, the troops under your command have withdrawn back from the Tirolo border. Signed, Alfonso the Marmora, supreme High command, Padova August 9, 1866."

The answer was : "Obbedisco" (= I obey), G. Garibaldi

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