Love words engraved on the central band, and removable top Cappuccio Romeo e Giulietta Delta

Balcone di GiuliettaVerona, Romeo and Juliet, one of the most popular love stories of all times and places.
The story of the two protagonists has taken on a symbolic value over time, becoming the archetype of perfect love but at same time opposed by society.

The cap top houses a small perforated crown formed by small arches that characterize the architecture of the City of Verona, the facades, the bridge and the arena, and above all Juliet’s lovely balcony.

Romeo e Giulietta 1KF rossa
penna a sfera
The red fountain pen (1KF), medium size, was turned by hand from solid bars of special pearly and marbled red colored resin, with gold plated trims. Each piece numbered.
Lateral lever filling system. The gold and steel Fusion nib is available in EF, F, M, B, Stub.

Delta Romeo e Giulietta stilografica
Also the plain black fountain pen is medium size, but its filling system is cartuccia/converter and its nib in steel (EF, F, M, B).
Rhodium plated trims, each piece numbered.

Romeo e Giulietta piccola viola
Romeo e Giulietta Forever viola
The mini size pen is made with violet/fuxia marbled resin; the fountain pen's filling system is only cartridge and its nib in steel (EF, F, M, B).


My heart, like the sea,
has no limits
and my love is as deep as the sea:
the more I grant you
the more I have,
because one and the other
are endless

cappuccio The top of the cap is removable and covers a inner coffer containing 2 small metal hearts on which to engrave a date, initials or other.

The central ring features an engraving with the famous love words of Shakespeare

All versions have been made also as roller and ballpen.

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Forever Romeo and Giulietta - red fountain pen red   Sold out
Forever Romeo and Giulietta - fountain pen - Special Offer violet  Medium Sold out
Forever Romeo and Giulietta - red roller red  roller Sold out
Forever Romeo and Giulietta - roller   roller Sold out
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gift packaging
€ 2.00

Standard ink cartridges - 4 pcs box

€ 1.00

etching/printing of initials or name
€ 15.00

Refill for capless roller D8900 - 12 pcs
blue € 39.00
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