The new Dolcevita combines orange and black in different ways

The Dolcevita series has been being a great success for years, in all its models.
Here is the Dolcevita Masterpiece that enriches the list of Dolcevita, keeping its distinctive orange and black colors but combining them in a new mix of shape and design.

Cap and body are made in resin, hand turned from solid bars, orange with sinuous black swirls, always different each other. Every pen will be unique.

Dolcevita Masterpiece
Dolcevita Masterpiece roller
Dolcevita Masterpiece penna a sfera
Dolcevita Masterpiece

Fountain pen, closed: mm. 140
Open with cap posted back: mm.160
diameter from 10 to 15 mm.

Rhodium finishing.
New shape also for the clip, more modern and linear design.

Anellino centraleSize is approx the same as a Dolcevita Medium.
Also in Dolcevita Masterpiece, the cap screws for closing, and the central ring is engraved by hand with an old decor featuring all the other Dolcevitas, reproducing an ancient Roman decoration shown in old paintings from Pompei.

Filling system is cartridge or "converter plus" (unscrewing the bottom, you could use the converter without opening the pen).

The nib may be either 14 Kt gold, or steel-gold Fusion, available in F, M, B.

Black and orange resin mixed in smooth waves, always different- every pen is unique
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