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    Delta Dolcevita The great Delta classic in a small size: Dolcevita


    The "dolce vita", the beautiful italian life
    that each one envisions or dreams about.
    Dolcevita collection invites you
    for a delightful celebration of the sweet life in Italy.
    Friendship and festivity with local people
    and the joys of art throught Italy.

    The Dolcevita collection is a classic in Delta production. Orange and black colors convey the Italian life esprit and became brand's symbols.
    The "dolce vita" emotion serves also as inspiration for Delta's artisans as they create each piece by hand using old shills passed down through generations.

    The cap is hand turned from a solid bar of black special resin.
    Dolcevita Cappuccio DecorazioneThe body is hand turned from a solid bar of bright orange special resin; the same color visible throughout the country unter the mediterranean sun in rocky hillsides.
    The clip is in a special elastic metal alloy, platinum plated, equipped with a small rolling wheel to facilitate sliding in and out of the breast pocket.
    The Delta monogram, engraved in sterling silver, is positioned in the top of the cap, with the pen's progressive number.
    The central ring is made in sterling silver, engraved by hand with an old decor featured in old paintings from Pompei.

    Dolcevita Small

    Small and easy to handle, Dolcevita shows the classic elegance of Delta writing instruments.

    <------------------- length cm. 11---------------------->
    Dolcevita Sfera
    Dolcevita Stilografica

    Small 14 Kt gold nib, F, M, B. Cartridge filled.

    Giant nib, 14 Kt white gold. Cartridge/converter filled.

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