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Honouring the autochthonous people of Costa Rica Bribri
Limited Edition
977 fp 1KS rhodium
977 fp 1KS golden
977 fp 1K
977 rollerballs
977 ballpens

BribriI Bribri

The Bribri are the original inhabitants of Talamanca region, living in the south of Costa Rica and northern Panama. They're sometimes referred to as "the hidden people" because of their extreme isolation, that allowed the Bribri to maintain their language, culture and their agricultural economy, meanly based on cacao, from which in ancient times women prepared a sacred drink.
They live in wooden huts with roofs of dried foliage and love independence and solitude. About 10,000 Bribri live in Costa Rica forests today.

The pen

The Bribri collection is made from special resin turned by hand from solid bars.

The two models 1KS, with alternate black and red-fuxia parts, feature rhodium plated or gold plated trims, and piston filling system.
Bribri stilografica 1KS finiture rodiate
Bribri 1KS finiture dorate

The model 1K is mainly black, with red-fuxia end parts, and cartridge/converter filling system.
Bribri stilografica 1K
Bribri roller
Bribri penna a sfera
The collection includes also a capped roller and a convertible ballpen.

Cap top Clip rana

Indigenous People

Native Americans,
Kanaka Maoli

At the cap top, a metal disc, relief worked, portrays in miniature an ancient breastplate medallion of pre-Colombian goldsmith art.
The clip depicts a frog standing in a tree branch (in the geographic area where the Bribri people are located there are more than 100 different species of frogs!).
The central ring reproduces in relief a Bribri tribal mask.
These detailed parts are obtained from traditional metal fusion "lost wax" technique, synonymous with pure craftsmanship, which is polished by hand and finished with a plating in either precious rhodium or solid gold (depending on the version).

Bribri anellopennino Bribri

All fountain pens in Bribri collection are fitted with the Delta's own revolutionary Fusion nib (international patent pending).
Fusion results from a combination of various metals, such as 18 carat solid gold and steel alloy, resulting in a more functional fountain pen. It is available in grades EF, F, M, B, STUB.

The Celebration version ,top of the range, made in only 77 pieces worldwide, features the 18 kt gold central ring, and a 0.03 carat diamond placed in the cap top.

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