Precious ebony, maple and Bois de Rose woods, hand made
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Made of Bois de Rose, Roma Roma is the newborn in the D-Parm family.
It has been dedicated to the capital of one of the most impressive empires ever founded.

mappa ImperoThe Roman Empire formally started in 27 B.C, when Augustus gradually seized absolute power.
Our juridical, political and social system dates back to the civilisation of these gifted ancestors.
Roma was the political, economic and cultural heart of an empire, extended between West and East; highly-populated multiethnic metropolis, with impressive urban structures – aqueducts, bridges, streets, markets – and many public sites for leisure and entertainment, like the Colosseum, its perfect symbol, still amazing, that is a World Heritage Site.

Lines, arches and vaults reappear at both ends of the ROMA pen, by harmonizing with the Bois de Rose fine appearance. This is a precious wood essence, of which are made many of the most important models conceived and produced by D-Parmy.

D-Parmy Roma
Each pen is one-of-a-kind, made of fine wood and hand decorated.

A central inlay work made of maple wood, contrasted with two ebony rings, shows the word "ROMA" and the fountain pen's identification number, hand-painted.

A walnut wooden marquetry at the bottom of the barrel has been carved by hand with the Colosseum shape, the city's upmost monument. This bas-relief, delimited by thin rings made of ebony and maple wood, has been hand-painted in order to underline the gradual volumetric change within the arches,
and to emphasize the sculpture effect. A repeated play of straight lines and niches recalls the symbols of Roman architecture: arches, columns, capitals.

Roma - barrel Roma - cap Roma - nib

Length of the pen closed: cm. 15
Length of the uncapped pen: cm. 14
Diameter: between mm. 10 and 15

Its turned cap shows a clip made of rhodium-plated high-alloy brass, whose shape is inspired to a Roman sword, symbol of military supremacy.

18 Kt gold nib, rhodium plated, iridium point, only M.
For the first time, its grip has been made of ebony and finished with a very thin coat of beeswax.

 Roma box
The ROMA pen comes with a stand made of walnut hardwood, on which a map of the ancient world has been hand-painted with various tones,
from blond to mahogany, to represent the greatest geographical expansion achieved by the Imperium Romanum.
A tiny drawer contains the fountain pen's information pamphlet.

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