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    Pua D-Parmy Solid ebony pens, with maple wood inlays


    Puà (from the French "Pois") is a large-size pen with a clean, classic line, hand-made in solid wood with crafted techniques and manual inlays.

    D-Parmy Pua'
    D-Parmy Pua' stilografica
    D-Parmy Pua' penna a sfera
    Cap and body are hand-turned from solid ebony and inlaid with contrasting maple wood. By choice, the cap does not fit onto on the end of the pen, leaving it to exist as an autonomous object.

    is a decoration created by combining
    small pieces of wood or other materials
    of different colours.
    Widely practiced in the 14th century,
    it reached its maximum flourishing
    between 1440 and 1550.
    Up to the end of the 15th century,
    it was an art form practiced mainly in Italy.
    It later spread beyond the Alps.

    particolare poisEbony is a dark, compact hardwood. The most sought-after quality, due to its black colour and very fine grain, comes from the Indian subcontinent.

    Length of the pen, capped: approx mm. 140;
    Diameter: approx mm. 13,5.

    Being completely hand made, sizes may vary a little, as well as the wood's veins, that, variously marked in shape and colour, are harmonious signs of aging and offer a pleasure that is palpable as well as visual and olfactory.
    D-Parmy penninoEach pen is unique and different from all the others.

    Clip, rings and all the trims are made in golden brass alloy and are also produced in-house by D-Parmy. The assembly of the components is exclusively manual.

    The fountain pen features a 18 Kt gold nib, personalized with D-Parmy logo, available only as M.
    The filling system is cartridge/converter.

    A thin clear finish protects the pen so that it remains unaltered over time.
    However, wood is a living material; it doesn't require special cares, but you'd better avoid prolonged exposure to heat or immersion in water.

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