Limited Edition in Bois De Rose inlaid and hand-painted Verdi
Limited Edition
200 fountain pens
200 ballpens

This collection was made on occasion of the 200th Anniversary of birth of Giuseppe Verdi, born in 1813 in Roncole di Busseto,in the Duchy of Parma.

Pena are made in solid wood with contrasting wood inlays, and hand-painted with the great composer's portrait.

D-Parmy Giuseppe Verdi
The used wood is Bois de Rose (rose's wood), featuring warm brown colors, with shaded darker veins. The Bois de Rose actually comes from tropical plants, and its name is due to its strong scent of roses, that persists over time, even many years after processing. It's a very hard wood, used in the manufacture of fine furniture and musical instruments. It was widely used by Italian, French, and English inlayers and cabinet-makers throughout the 18th and 19th centuries.D-Parmy Giuseppe Verdi pittura Inlay
is a decoration created by combining
small pieces of wood or other materials
of different colours.
Widely practiced in the 14th century,
it reached its maximum flourishing
between 1440 and 1550.
Up to the end of the 15th century,
it was an art form practiced mainly in Italy.
It later spread beyond the Alps.

Each piece is unique, and features a portrait of the Master, hand painted on a maple inlay set off by elegant thin rings of ebony.- a wood with a strong symbolic link, being it used for making flutes, clarinets, and piano keys.
The hand-painted effigy is inspired by the famous portrait of Verdi, painted by Giovanni Boldini, which is considered one of the most physiognomically similar.
The composer’s signature, date of birth, and the date of the anniversary are also hand painted.

The pen, capped, measures approx mm. 150, with approx mm. 14 diameter.
Being completely hand made, sizes may vary a little, as well as the wood's veins, that, variously marked in shape and colour, are harmonious signs of aging and offer a pleasure that is palpable as well as visual and olfactory.
Each pen is unique and different from all the others.

D-Parmy - Giuseppe Verdi chiusa
D-Parmy Giuseppe Verdi
D-Parmy Goiseppe Verdi penna a sfera
The pinecone at the bottom of the pen is a recurring decorative element in 19th century furniture, and symbolically linked to the immortality of music and of the great master’s work. In fact, in ancient Greek art it was considered a symbol of regeneration and resurrection, later adopted by Christianity with Romanesque art.D-Parmy Giuseppe Verdi clipD-Parmy pennino

The clip, treble clef shaped, is made in gold plated brass alloy, like all the other trims, and completely produced in-house by D-Parmy. The assembly of the components is exclusively manual.

18 Kt gold nib,personalized with D-Parmy logo, available only as M.
Cartridge/converter filling system.

The Giuseppe Verdi come in a beautiful box, made in solid mahogany wood, with a hand-crafted Murano glassscatola window on the top.

A thin clear finish protects all the D-Parmy pens, so that it remains unaltered over time.
However, wood is a living material; it doesn't require special cares, but you'd better avoid prolonged exposure to heat or immersion in water.

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Giuseppe Verdi - Bois de Rose fountain pen - L.E.   Medium  € 1380.00
Giuseppe Verdi - Bois de Rose ballpen- L.E.   ball pen  € 1150.00
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