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    Duraflex Elements Fire, Earth and Water: from Greek phylosophy to current American production


    Limited Edition
    1898 pieces each color

    Conklin presents the Limite Edition Duraflex Elements, ispired by the Greek philosopher Heraclitus and his theory of the 3 elements of nature that bring balance to the world: Fire, Earth and Water.

    Made in slightly translucent resin, that here and there let you see inside, giving depth and lightness.

    Fire: a mix of blazing red slivers, with black inclusions and some white accents. Cromed trims and chromed OmniFlex steel nib:
    Duraflex Elements FIRE

    Earth: warm brown tones dappled with deep black, with black steel nib and sleek gunmetal trims:
    Duraflex Elements EARTH

    Water: pieces of blue and green, fleshly mixed, rosè golden Omniflex nib and trims:
    Duraflex Elements WATER

    Filling system is cartridge/converter (included).

    The Duraflex Elements are purchasable separately, or also in a Trio box that includes the 3 pens - with the same serial number - and an ink bottle.
    Each pen is individually numbered (in the Trio package they are numbered from 1 to 300, the single pens from 301 to 1898)

    Boxes of Duraflex Elements Duraflex Elements Trio box

    The Elements fountain pens feature the OmniFlex nib, designed and cut for maximum performance; the stroke changes thickness only by varying the pressure exerted, with surprising graphic results.

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