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Modern and strong pens, in polished steel or PVD finishing RNX316

When fine writing instruments adopt high technology, the result is the birth of an unique collection, with a distinctly modern character.
Here are a series of hexagonal pens, emblematic of Caran d'Ache collections, large and strong, made with resistent materials for your daily use.

In STEEL version:
RNX316 steel fountain pen
RNX316 Steel roller
RNX316 Steel pencil

particolare SteelThe fine Guillochè engraving all around the faceted hexagonal body draws diamond regular motifs, that seem chiselled by the light.

RNX316The steel nib is absolutely black because has been treated with PVD finishing; available in F, M, B.

The PVD techique is a physical process which deposits metal vapours on objects, giving them optimal adherence and resistance.

RNX316 pens are available also in BLACK version:

RNX316 Black fountain pen
RNX316 Black roller
The PVD finishing applied to the whole pen, is decorated with laser engraving which enhance its geometric shape and the power of materials.

The name-acronym, RNX316, comes from the elements featuring these pens:


its rounded form reminds its origin, and combines comfort with performance; captivating design, conceived as an extension of the writer's hand.


N for AND
Innovation and expertise; round and hexagonal forms; technology and design. Like a link between the aspects that compose the pen.


the sculpted geometry of RNX316, hexagonal shaped, is its DNA. It's the shape that provides a stable and precise grip.


316 for 316L,
the corrosion-proof stainless steel, whose brightness is enhanced by a precision polishing.

The fountain pen has cartridge/converter filling system, with an innovative system for changing cartridges.
Fountain pen's and roller's caps always perfectly match due to a new ingenious "click-in" system, that guarantees the total closure and the perfect alignement of edges.
Ballpen and mechanical pencil (0.7 mm. leads) use the push button, decorated with Caran d'Ache logo.

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RNX316 Steel - Guilloche engraving fountain pen    Sold out
RNX316 Steel - Guilloche engraving roller   roller Sold out
RNX316 Steel - Guilloche engraving ballpen   ball pen Sold out
RNX316 Steel - Guilloche engraving pencil   pencil Sold out
RNX316 Black - PVD finishing fountain pen     € 530.00
RNX316 Black - PVD finishing roller   roller  € 490.00
RNX316 Black - PVD finishing ballpen   ball pen  € 325.00
RNX316 Black - PVD finishing pencil   pencil  € 335.00
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