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Vintage charm and style


The Archivi Storici collection takes its name from Aurora's retrieving of original mechanisms from the 1950s (in perfect working order, tested and guaranteed by Aurora laboratories).
This retrò collection recalls all the appeal of the fashions of those years: the hooded nibs, the bows for the lady's pen, the satin silver and gold.

All items come with a certificate of authenticity and guarantee, as prof that they're original productions.


Their nib is 14Kt gold, original of that time; unique size (M) which writes a medium/fine line.
Filling system is trik-trak (not included) or cartridge.

All the clips are decorated with a drop design, in polished/satin contrast.

Gold-plated pens: satin golden cap, with polished details, and black resin body:

Archivi Storici black/golden pen
Archivi Storici black/golden pen

Or also with gold-plated cap and body:
Archivi Storici golden fp

Pens in satin sterling silver, with polished silver details:

Archivi Storici silver fp
Archivi Storici stilografica argento

The Archivi Storici collection includes also a much more precious model, made in solid gold 9 kt.

Archivi Storici solid Gold

GuillocheSame size and nib, but all made in solid gold, with a luxury Guillochè geometrical pattern which enhances the gold brightness and the elegance of old '50s.
Guillochè engraving is a very ancient art, wellknown in Italy since the Medieval age, that allows to create an armonic pattern over metals.
This is an amazing opportunity, because its list price is blocked to 2008, year of production of Archivi Storici; now, its price would be very very different!

ScatolaAll the fountain pens come in a special packaging, decorated with adv from '50s, which includes a certificate and a vintage-looking leather pen box.
The ink bottle, however, was not included in this close-out supply, sorry.

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Archivi Storici - bicolor satin black-golden fountain pen - Special Offer    180 € 96.00
Archivi Storici - satin gold plated fountain pen - Special Offer    200 € 99.00
Archivi Storici - satin silver fountain pen - Special Offer    200 € 99.00
Archivi Storici - solid gold fountain pen Guilloche engraved - Special Offer    Sold out
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Ivory paper cm 13x9 - cards sealing wax package 10 +10
€ 11.50

Converter trik-trak for Hastil and Archivi Storici
€ 16.00
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