Bloom, the Breil's famous collection, in two fashion models of necklaces

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collana Bloom

Bloom is the name of Breil convertible necklaces, composed by a polished steel heart, satin or polished spheres and pullout chains.
With a simple gesture, the heart can be separated from the sphere, revealing the chains and thus transforming the jewel from choker to a long, multi-thread necklace.
Adjustable clasp.

 Bloom necklaces

BMJO894: Bloom necklace with polished steel heart, satin steel sphere and white mother of pearl sequins.

BMJ0834: Bloom necklace with polished steel heart and polished sphere, with black onix faceted gems.

Bloom short necklaceBloom open necklaceLength of the necklaces, closed: 37 to 47 cm.
Length of the necklaces, open: approx 85/88 cm.
Diameter of the heart: 3,4 cm.

The Breil logo is engraved on the heart and also on the small pendent on the nape.

Necklaces of Bloom series - hidden chains in the steel heart
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Bloom - necklace with mother of pearl - Special Offer    121 € 60.00
Bloom - necklace with black onix - Special Offer    132 € 65.00
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