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Maki-E bookMaki-e, a fairy tale to write

A journey into the amazing world of Japanese ancient and refined techniques of lacquer and maki-e (which means "to paint spreading gold powder"), that transforms the surfaces of pens and other accessories into a palette where dragons, heroes, demons and animals appear as if in a dream.
The brands that make this book famous are:
Angular Momentum, AP Limited Editions, Aurora, Bexley, Caran d'Ache, Chopard, Citizen, Conway Stewart, Danitrio, Dunhill, Edelberg, Ferrari da Varese, Ito-ya, Krone, Kynsey, Loiminchay, Parker, Pelikan, Pens Plus, Pilot-Namiki, Platinum Pen-Nakaya, Sailor, Seiko, Speake-Marin, S.T. Dupont, Tsuge, Vacheron Constantin, Visconti, Waterman.
Pens are divided for themes: seasons, Kabuki and Noh theatre, dragond and heroes, just to tell a few.
200 pages to experience the excitement of a thousand-year-old art, with wonderful photos, practical info, historical data and list prices.
Text: English or Italian (different books).


Storia della stilografica Italiana - History of the Italian FountainpenHistory of the Italian Fountainpen

1900/1950, two volumes by Letizia Iacopini, editrice O.P.S.
288 pages 1600 photos of pens; plus many images of old advertising, catalogs, and original documents. Hardbound with jacket.
Italian/English text.

First Volume includes also an introduction on the developement of the Italian Fountainpen. Main Producers are widely described in dedicated chapters ranging from the story of the Company, its manufacturing developement, second-brands and dedicated runs of pens. Reports of other 360 minor brands and further 50 brands mentioned. Glossary in appendix.


Parker book Parker in Italy - 1900-1960

By Letizia Iacopini
Sizes: cm. 21 x 30 - Text: Italian/English
58 pages, more than 80 photos of pens, documents, packages and advertising of the period.
Review of the Parker production from early years to Duofold era, to Vacumatic and Parker 51; also a chapter about the metal overlays, typical of Italian market only.


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