Dupont Lighters:
glamour and style in gold sumptuousness
accendini argento

Classic gold lighters, with diamond heads or line drawing decoration; several models.
Pictures are proportional each other, but not in real size, which would depend on your own screen definition.

Line 1

The first Lighter produced by S.T.Dupont in 1952; an emblematic object which contributed to build the brand awareness. Perfectly proportioned and structured, it's a timeless example of style and classicism.
Two dimensions: smalla and large. The flame adjustment cog it's placed under the cap and not under the lighter. The S.T.Dupont brand is engraved in the bottom.

Dimension Line 1 Small: cm. 4,7 x 3 x 1,4
Dimension Line 1 Large: cm. 6,2 x 3,5 x 1,4

small gold lighter accendino argento grande
DU13410 DU14210


Line 2

The most majestic S.T.Dupont lighter: it combines perfect aesthetics - which respects the golden proportion - with sounding preciousness: the mythical "Cling" crystal clear and peerless, makes this lighter universally recognized.
The roller is engraved for optimal grip. Both buttons for flame adjustment and refill are ergonomically conceived.
The S.T.Dupont brand is engraved on the bottom or in front depending from model.

Dimension: cm. 6,2 x 3,7 x 1

DU16284: gold plated, diamond-heads decoration

DU16827: gold plated, line-drawing decoration

DU16427 : gold plated, windsor decoration

DU16424 : rose gold plated, diamond-heads decoration

diamantewindsorDiamond-heads and Windsor decorations

accendino argento punta di diamante accendino argento millerighe
DU16284 DU16827
DU16427 DU16424
DU16427 DU16424

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Line 1 small size lighter - diamond heads gold plated    Sold out
Line 1 large size lighter - diamond heads gold plated    Sold out
Line 2 lighter - diamond heads gold plated     € 570.00
Line 2 lighter - line drawing gold plated     € 570.00
Line 2 lighter - Windsor gold plated    Sold out
Line 2 lighter - diamond head rose gold plated     € 635.00
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